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What MortgageWise Scotland Clients Say?

How we’ve helped people just like you on their property journey

Well what can I say you went above and beyond to get me a good deal on a mortgage that takes all my income into account. This was not an easy task and I know you had to work really hard to do so. Every hurdle you managed to get past for me and even reduce my term which enabled me to feel more confident in mine and my kids future, I had been through a very difficult, life altering time and you removed a huge pressure for me, thank you.

Received Mortgage Advice, October 2019

Received Mortgage Advice, July 2019

I liked your friendly and relaxed approach. You were very helpful and tried different options until you got what was right for us as your clients. I would recommend you to other potential clients

You went all out for me and ensured that I got the result we were after. You understood my situation was slightly different from the regular client, and you identified the best ways to help me. You , and also knew I had no experience or understanding of the process. So you gave me advice that helped me make the right decisions. You were easy to talk to and you responded to all my questions quickly. I was also at point I was losing confidence in myself. You saw that, and said a few words that gave me some of that confidence back. I would always recommend you 1000%. Thank you.

Received Mortgage Advice, June 2019

Received Mortgage Advice, November 2019

Very knowledgeable,
Nothing is too much trouble,
Very honest even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. But always good to deal with someone transparent!